If you haven’t filed your taxes, don’t despair.

If it turns out you have a refund coming, then the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll have access to your money. Yes, the IRS can impose a penalty for not filing, but the impact is often quite painless for individuals – you simply get your refund. Each year the IRS has millions of dollars it believes are owed to taxpayers, but that go unclaimed – get yours before the clock runs out.

If it turns out you owe, then there are options available to help you through a difficult time. I can help you sort through those options. For me, the worst-case scenario is living with stress caused by the uncertainty of not knowing.

For businesses, the situation becomes more complex and the IRS is not so lenient. However, the sooner we address your situation, the sooner you can sleep easier at night. Penalties for s-corporations and partnerships toll back to the original filing date, so filing soon is the best option to avoid costly and quickly mounting fines.

The tendency to ignore an issue and simply hope for the best is quite human, but most often not the best course. Getting help is the surest path to a workable solution.

You can easily and securely make payments, even set up a payment plan right online. If you need help, let me know.

If you receive contact from the IRS, I can help.

If you receive a notice from the IRS, please let me look at it before you take action. Many notices are legitimate and, in our profession, somewhat routine. But a number are caused by IRS errors or other problems that need prompt attention. Some letters are outright scams. Be advised and always remember, the IRS will almost never call you and certainly never email you! If you receive an email purporting to be from the IRS, it is surely a scam. Don’t open it, simply delete it.

On phone calls – again, almost certainly a scam. The other evening, I received a phone call from an “IRS agent” threatening me with arrest for unpaid taxes. He wanted me to get a prepaid bank card and settle up to avoid jail. When I laughed and told him I was a CPA, he hung up. In very rare cases, and only after formal contact has been established, would you get a phone call from an agent you already know. The new program of turning over long-standing IRS debts to private collection agencies is sure to spark a new round of scams. So beware.

In short, if you get contacted by the IRS, then contact me or any other legitimate tax professional. We can help!

Initial Consultations are Free

As CPAs, our professional standards tell us to undertake a process of client and engagement acceptance. The aim of the process is to determine if there is a good fit – both from a service perspective and from an interpersonal point of view. If I don’t think I can help, I probably know someone who can, and I will gladly offer you a referral. This is why I, and many other practitioners, offer a free initial consultation (mine up to one-half hour). It simply doesn’t hurt to reach out and see if we can help.