My Practice Approach

My goal is to be a virtual and nearly paperless practice. I use technology and tools that allow me to serve you remotely. I travel throughout Arizona to meet with clients and I enjoy the chance to visit the folks I work with in Pinetop whenever I get the opportunity.


My Story

I spent fifteen of my public accounting years building a small local firm into an area powerhouse. Now it's time for something different. While I only practice part-time now, I am having a blast teaching and training a the next generation and serving my small group of select clients.

If you are adept at working in the digital age - scanning, emailing, and connecting through technology - then I am here to serve you. Funny - I wrote this before the pandemic.....

Meet the Team

ok - it's just me for now

(my lovely assistant - my wife - will sometimes answer the office phone)

I have over 25 years of professional experience, including construction, nonprofit organizations, homeowners associations, mining and commodities, manufacturing of medical devices and semiconductor capital equipment, professional practices and more. I have both national firm and local firm public accounting experience. If I can't help, I probably know someone who can.


Me in Alaska


My practice focuses on local small businesses and the folks who own them. I also serve area nonprofit organizations, and homeowners associations. I have experience with employee benefit plans, construction contractors, and other commercial entities. I prepare individual and business tax returns and can represent you before the IRS if needed.

My values

  • Integrity - Be honest and talk plainly. Take care with our promises and honor those we make.
  • Professionalism - Treat everyone with respect. Remain objective, but advocate with skill for all clients.
  • Courage - Recognize the fear of change. Do not give courage a back seat to discomfort.
  • Knowledge - Hold tight to a life-long love of learning. Ours is a knowledge-based business.
  • Kindness - Care for the less fortunate. We do not know the burdens others carry just by looking.